Following a series of creative writing workshops led by Lucie Brownlee, which invited the school kids to design and write their own podcast ideas, Jay joined the team for recording and editing.
We recorded with two forty-minute classes, one class group each week, scrambling to record everything in time. Quite a quick turnaround, but we're ever so proud of the work, ideas, and commitment by the students.
Featuring fifteen podcast ideas created by students from Belmont Community School:
1 - This History is No Longer a Mystery
2 - Boyfriend Material
3 - Hilarious Histories
4 - The Kick About
5 - The Food Fusion
6 - The World of Football
7 - Intel on Adele
8 - Podcast People Now
9 - Football Books Podcast
10 - Mind Over Matter
11 - Fascinating Football Facts
12 - Tried to Change the Ending
13 - Dark Stars that Shine
14 - Trix Centre Podcast
15 - Grande Language
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