Sound Collectors - Summer Streets Festival 2022
The Sound Collectors project is an experimental series of short audio creations made by Summer Streets Festival 2022 attendees.
Home - Verbal Remedy
When you think of home, what comes to mind? Verbal Remedy's fourth podcast episode investigates this universal concept that's different for everyone.
#VinylOutcry - New Curators
Hosted at Hills Arts Centre, #VinylOutcry is a mixed media exhibition exploring the materials and textures of audio production through cassette tape and vinyl records. The project is led by Jay Sykes, offering early career curators the opportunity to collaborate and host a city centre gallery exhibition.
A Tale of Two North Tyneside Towns - Helix Arts
Working in partnership with Helix Arts, Jay created this audio collage of voices of the residents of North Shields and Wallsend in the north east - as they share their reflections about their town centres and open green spaces in a post-pandemic world.
Hills Are Alive - Norfolk Street Arts
From its very first opening on Christmas Eve in 1852 as a bookshop, to its closure in 2006, Hills bookshop remained a fondly-remembered part of Sunderland's history. 'Hills Are Alive' honours the building’s legacy alongside its re-opening as a new multi-use arts centre, through the creation of a sound art piece based on a series of story-writing workshops.
Pages of the Sea - Sunderland Culture / 1418
Working with the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy, this project partnership with Sunderland Culture and 1418 saw Jay bring together two dozen community members to enhance Duffy's poem in audio. Commemorating 100 years since the First World War, this community audio poem was played on headphones at SeaBurn beach as part of a free public event.
Rainbow Echoes - Norfolk Street Arts
“Rainbow Echoes” is a series of composed audio vignettes, woven into an audio tapestry of recorded interviews, field recordings, and experimental sound art. They cluster into thematic responses, engineering new and existing dialogues about coronavirus and the lockdown; they call and answer each other, echoing over a thirty-minute duration across the Norfolk Street Arts’ gallery.
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