William's Castle - BBC Radio 4
Folded in the faded browned paper of an 1897 order of service, and stuffed between the wooden slats of church pew, Paige uncovers a letter from a young orphaned choirboy. Now, the search begins to find out what happened to William Elliott, a young boy yearning to be remembered.
"One message changed their lives forever." Tyler is an upcoming queer young adult audio drama series, written and produced by Jay Sykes.
Summer Stories - 17Nineteen
A series of original audio dramas, written by community participants as part of audio drama writing and recording workshops held at 17Nineteen in Sunderland.
Thanks for the Chat - Theatre Space North East
‘Thanks for the Chat’ is based on conversations with Sunderland residents, reflecting back on the last bit of normalcy before the first national lockdown.
Mackem Craic - Gold winner, Community Radio Awards
Staged to sound like a local radio phone-in, Mackem Craic is a comedy drama with a supernatural twist — the former host is trolling the show from beyond the grave.
SeaBurn - Gold winner, New York Radio Awards
Struggling for room to breathe, disconnected from those around her, Pippa finds herself drawn to the comfort and solace of Seaburn Beach. But as she feels the pull of the ocean stronger than any family ties, what will hold Pippa back from embracing the cold of the sea?
Open to Interpretation
Jay's final project as part of his BA Media Production, 'Open to Interpretation' is an experimental audio drama project constructed from a series of five-minute audio dramas written by different writers - an investigation into how writers from different disciplines interpret the same piece of source material
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