The original audio dramas created as part of this workshop series were written by Linda Brown, José Covas, Thomas Nixon, and Julie Wilson.
Over two weekends in June, our community participant writers drafted and developed scripts, and were invited to experience directing professional actors from Theatre Space North East in an audio recording studio setting.
17Nineteen's Summer Stories programme was supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and produced by Jay Sykes.
'What would you rather lose; your dignity, or a tasty bowl of Croco Rocks?'
Written by Thomas Nixon.
The Cast:
Barry - Lawrence Neale
Director - Corinne Kilvington
Executive - Jamie Brown
99 Jeopardy
'Who doesn't love a 99? Well, Johnny, apparently. But when his partner Carrie forces him to try one, he's transported back to painful memories of ice creams past.'
Written by Julie Wilson.
The Cast:
Johnny - Jamie Brown
Carrie - Corinne Kilvington
Shaun - Lawrence Neale
Ice Cream Vendor - Julie Wilson

The Circle of Grief
"My dad had dementia. Awful, awful disease..."
Written by Thomas Nixon.
The Cast:
Graham - Lawrence Neale
Alison - Corinne Kilvington
20 Seconds of Your Life
'A knock on the door after midnight is never good news. But when two police officers call on Tracy, her life will never be the same again.'
Written by Linda Brown.
The Cast:
Tracy - Corinne Kilvington
Police Officer - Julie Wilson
Police Officer - Jamie Brown
'Jack is suddenly awaken by strange sounds in the middle of the night. As he goes downstairs to investigate their source, he could never predict the chilling horrors that await in the darkness of the family home.'​​​​​​​
Written by José Covas.
Performed by Jamie Brown.
The Fourth Sheet
'All her life, she's been a good girl. But now, on her 50th birthday party, is she finally going to break the rules? Will she tear off... The fourth sheet?'
Written by Julie Wilson.
The Cast:
Elaine - Corinne Kilvington
Daniel - Jamie Brown
Mr. Woodward - Lawrence Neale
One Too Many
'A man. His son. The monster between them.'
Written by Thomas Nixon.
The Cast:
George - Lawrence Neale
Tony - Corinne Kilvington
Stranger - Jamie Brown
The Writers
Linda Brown
Since he was born on September 26, 1998, José Maria Covas has always tried to understand the reality around him and contribute to its evolution. He received a degree in Biomedical Sciences from Coventry University and a Research Masters in Regenerative Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, and is now pursuing a Masters of Arts in English Studies at the University of Sunderland. José's poems, short stories, theatre, radio and movie scripts combine the mystery and strangeness of literature and cinema with the occult and surrealism of his travels, creating, in the process, his own artistic universe, which eternally explores the human condition.
Thomas Nixon is a newly discovered hobbyist writer based in the North East of England, with a special interest in flash fiction and audio drama. He's currently working on a collection of 101-word stories titled Windows as well as other projects, and a regular workshop leader for the Holmeside Writers group in Sunderland. You can find Thomas' work featured in the Write On Magazine, as well as on Jay Sykes' Summer Stories collection.

To reach out, you can find Thomas at: TNixon25041998@gmail.com or on X - @Tnixon98
Julie Wilson

The Cast
Hailing from Gateshead, Jamie Brown trained at Bretton Hall (ACTING, 3-years), and since then has raked up nearly twenty years' experience as an actor / director.
He has performed Shakespeare at the National Theatre, Glastonbury Festival, as part of the London 2012 Olympics, in caves, forests, parks, shopping centres, and castles. Acting highlights include originating the roles of Harry Clasper (Hadaway Harry - Theatre Royal, London, NE tour) and John Simpson Kirkpatrick (The Man and The Donkey - Customs House), for which roles he was named Performing Artist of the Year at the Journal Culture Awards. Jamie has established an extensive body of roles with many theatres and companies across the region.
Corinne Kilvington is the Artistic Director of Theatre Space North East, an artist led CIC based in Sunderland, which has, since 2012, developed a reputation for bringing accessible theatre to non-traditional spaces. Creating public facing community performance, and Theatre in Education as well as commissions from a wide variety of clients. Corinne specialises in site responsive and promenade theatre, regularly using puppetry, live music and physical theatre in her pieces. She has experience of production, creative direction, facilitation and project and event management.
A graduate of Northumbria University, Lawrence Neale has many years experience as an actor, musician and street performer. He sings and performs with barbershop quartet “Tyne Signature” and World Beaters Music. He is a founding member of puppet theatre company Life and Limb Puppets, who specialise in applied puppetry in education.
Theatre and television credits include: The Pitmen Painters (BKL), Heaven Eyes (TSF), Beyond the End of the Road (November Club), A Christmas Carol at the Castle (Life and Limb Puppets and TSNE), Vera (ITV), Inspector George Gently, and The Dumping Ground (BBC).
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