Capturing moments of humour, sadness and hope, these conversations have formed a collection of short monologues and duologues which you can delve into here. Filmed and recorded across the city, this collection of short films and audio stories capture the mood of the city over the year of the pandemic.
Written by James Whitman
James has written a number of plays set in Sunderland, including ‘Grafters Gables’, ‘Strong for War, For Helping Tender’, ’15 Minutes of Fame’ and ‘View from the Gods’. He has also worked on a variety of community arts projects in Sunderland, including Arts Centre Washington’s ‘Art-Zine’ project, Sunderland Culture’s community group smash-up, ’Who Do You Want To Meet?’, and award-winning audio drama project, ‘Mackem Craic’.
Devised by Corinne Kilvington
Corinne Kilvington is the Artistic Director of Theatre Space NE, an artist lead CIC based in Sunderland, which has, since 2012, developed a reputation for bringing accessible theatre to non-traditional spaces. Creating public facing community performance, and Theatre in Education as well as commissions from a wide variety of clients. Corinne specialises in site responsive and promenade theatre, regularly using puppetry, live music and physical theatre in her pieces. She has experience of production, creative direction, facilitation and project and event management.
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