After an open call inviting submissions of a five-minute audio drama script loosely based on a single piece of source material, Jay recorded, directed, and produced six submissions from six selected writers who work in different fields; whether literature, magazine editorials, journalism, theatre, or television.
Myanh Chau - A young woman makes a shocking discovery in an ambulance.
Glenn Hascall - A mysterious humming, and the other voice that makes it stop.
Jan Herbert - One hospital ward. Two heart monitors. Three stories.
Keith Jewitt - Youngest of ten Benjamina has some life-changing news for her mother.
Alex Swan - A mother reflects upon the life of her son, "always a special little boy".
Jay Sykes - The journey towards parenthood requires personal sacrifice.
Tom Whalley - Looking back on all the moments that led to this, would you change anything?
Across the series, you'll hear performances by Rebecca Broad, Robert Cudmore, Frank Ditchburn, David Foster, Susan Griffiths, Corinne Kilvington, Carole Machin, Alana McLernon, Joan Murphy, Richard Murphy, Dolores Porretta-Brown, Jill Schofield, Clarissa Smith, Caitlin Sneddon, Cian Sullivan, Jay Sykes, Fiona Thraille and Fiona Wallace.
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