This annual documentary on BBC Radio 4 Extra celebrates the winners and finalists of the Charles Parker Prize, an annual award for student audio feature makers across the UK.
Click above to listen to the 2023 edition of the Charles Parker Prize programme.
Click above to listen to the 2021 edition of the Charles Parker Prize programme.
The Charles Parker Prize is named after the well-renowned radio producer, who, along with Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger. produced the series of innovative programmes which became known as the Radio Ballads. 
The award is given annually to the best features made by students studying radio and audio, at universities and colleges across the UK.
Charles’ daughter Sara Parker, herself an award-winning radio producer, introduces each year's very best features; five of which are selected for broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Woven between highlights from their features, our ten new storytellers share the experience and journeys behind creating their prize-winning work.
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