Global Sunderland was a short series of radio programmes broadcast on World Radio Day in February, which was the result of a seven week project working with refugees and asylum seekers living in Sunderland.
Working in partnership with Friends of the Drop-In (FODI), we invited refugees and migrants into the radio studios to share their music, stories and experiences, whilst learning broadcasting skills in the process.
Participant feedback on Global Sunderland
"I am very happy to be part of the Spark radio program.ย ย First I would like to appreciate your commitment and effort for the successful completion of this radio program.ย ย In addition to this, the Spark radio staff were very nice, patient and friendly to all of us, especially Jay who relentlessly worked with us."
โ€œIt was a great opportunity for me to be a part of the programme and it was a great pleasure that I could help my friends and be a bridge between them and English speakers.ย ย I think the most important part of the programme for refugees was that they could say their feelings freely so that could make them more happier as a person far away from their motherland.โ€