In November 2019, Jay was commissioned to produce a 12-part podcast series for the charity Stand Alone UK: Supporting estranged adults in everyday life. The series began during the winter holiday period in 2019, and has now received 16,000 listens across its 15 episodes.
"So glad I’ve found this, I thought it was just me. I had a day of despair about this yesterday and so I’m listening to my first podcast now with great interest."
Most of the episodes of the Stand Alone podcast are focused on the individual journeys of the contributors, with occasional use of interconnecting recordings from other participants, and from the charity's founder and CEO Becca Bland.
"I found this really wise and impactful... I salute you and all of the amazing work you are doing!"
"I needed to hear this. It really hit home with me."
In others, such as the Christmas Eve special, voices from all of the contributors are woven together to create a topical narrative.  These were more challenging and time-consuming to make, but I'm really thrilled with the resulting edits.
"All our guests join host Jay to unwrap the ideas and the imagery of Christmas: Holidays and getting away, charity work and volunteering, the prevalent messages in media and advertising, cultivating new and often non-biological connections, and taking ownership of your Christmas in whatever way that means for you."
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