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Hello, I'm Jay:
 🎙 Freelance Audio Producer & Storyteller
 🎓 Academic Tutor, University of Sunderland
 📻 Occasional BBC Radio 4 / 4 Extra documentaries
 🎨 Passionate about creative narrative audio
 🥇 New York Radio Awards gold-winning producer & writer
 📖 Aspiring LGBTQ+ young adult writer
Jay has been teaching at the University of Sunderland as an Academic Tutor since 2015, where he specialises in audio production workshops - drama, documentary, podcasting.
As a freelance audio producer, Jay’s work often explores the intersection of art and audio - whether exploring Sunderland artist Stephanie Smith's tactile practice of 'skin-mapping' (Drawing in the Dark, BBC Radio 4), investigating how writing has seeped into the landscape and heritage of Weardale (Ten Words for a Northern Landscape, New Writing North), or celebrating independent bookshops through community creative writing workshops (Hills Are Alive, Norfolk Street Arts).

Jay with his big beautiful boy Bowser.

 🙋‍♂️ 29 years old, he/him
 🏳️‍🌈 Boyfriend to a beautiful man named Kostas
 🐈‍⬛ Cat-dad to Bowser, Daruk, and Riju
 🏡 Sunderland, UK. Originally from Huddersfield
 🌱 Vegan for ethical reasons
 🎮 Nintendo gamer, Zelda enthusiast
 🎷 Amateur tenor saxophonist
 🇧🇷 Learning Portugués (beginner)
 ☕️ Coffee lover - mine's a black Americano
A New York Award-winner for his audio drama ‘SeaBurn’, and an avid reader of queer fiction, Jay is keen to continue developing his writing and production practice in the fictional space.
Jay identifies as homoromantic, and yearns to tell stories that resonate with the queer community.